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Cash Management Services

At Native American Bank, we know how much time it takes to run your or your business’ finances. That’s why we offer a variety of Cash Management services and products that offer convenience and ease of use to streamline your banking needs.

Online Banking: A free service to provide you with the abililty to view and maintain your deposit accounts and loans at any time online through our secure website. At www.nabna.com click on Enroll Online to sign up.

Cash Manager: Provides our business clients with online ability to make internal transfers, wire transfers and ACH origination processing services, in addition to basic inquiry and account maintenance services. Completely customizable to allow and restrict access and functionality by user or employee based upon the business' needs.

TeleBanking: A free service to provide you with the ability to inquire and maintain your deposit accounts and loans at any time by telephone. 1-866-770-0507 or call your branch and select Option 3.

Bill Pay: Pay your bills online whenever you want to whomever you want through NAB's Bill Pay service. You can easily set-up regular and recurring payments. Through bill pay, you can track payment history to show who you paid, when you paid, and for how much.

CDARS Certificates of Deposit: Available to provide full FDIC insurance coverage, up to $50 million per ownership category, on Certificates of Deposit when liquidity is not needed. Investment management is simplified by working with only one bank, one deposit and one statement while earning a competitive interest rate.**

Merchant Services: You will receive preferred rates on bankcard processing by utilizing merchant services through Native American Bank. We will assist you in evaluating your equipment needs, completing the setup documentation, and determining the best package for you based upon your transaction statistics.

Debit Cards: This bankcard gives you direct debit access to your checking account without having to write a check. It can be used at any point of sale where Visa® is accepted and at any ATM for cash withdrawals. Spending access and limits are customizable. More info

Free ATM Access at www.moneypass.com

Remote Deposit: NAB's Remote Deposit allows you to process your deposits onsite by imaging each deposit item and transmitting the file to the bank. It does require the purchase of specific equipment, processing and retention procedures and policies, and training. The float time on a deposited check is significantly reduced by electronic processing, the time and manpower involved in preparing and making deposits at a physical location are eliminated, and all record keeping and copies of checks are retained automatically for research and reporting.

Lockbox Services: Provides a common deposit site for your customers, outside vendor payments, ACH receivables and other sources of income. More traditional lockbox services for accounts receivables are also available.