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Account Fees

Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds - Item paid$30.00
Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds - Returned paid$30.00
Overdrawn Account per day beginning day 2$3.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer$7.00
(Existing lines only. Overdraft protection no longer offered by Native American Bank.)
Returned Cashed/Deposited Items per item $5.00
Stop Payments per item $25.00
Collections per item
Garnishments & Levies each $30.00
Early Closure (Within 90 days of opening)$25.00
Dormant Account (Per month after 12 months)$5.00
Account is dormant after 12 months if:
  1. There have been no deposits or withdrawals to the account.
  2. There has been no communication regarding the account.
An account may be reactivated after closure when a deposit is received if:
  1. The account closed is due to a zero balance only, and,
  2. The account has been closed for less than 60 days. Reactivation is limited to two occurrences after which the account will be close permanently.
1st Occurrence$10.00
2nd Occurrence$15.00
Hold Statement$10.00

Funds Transfer

Wire Transfer - per item
(Waived for Interest, Elder & Premium Savings Accts)
Outgoing International
(via US Correspondent)
ACH Origination per transfer$5.00

Teller Services

Check Cashing - Non-Customer5%
Cashier's Check - Customer$5.00
Money Order - Customer$3.00
Counter Check$.79
Bank Card Cash Advance*
    Up to $500$5.00
    $500 and over1.00%
    *Daily Limit$1,500
Cash Handling
    Up to $50,000No Charge
    $50,000 and over.10%

Bank Card Services

Visa® Debit or ATM Card Replacement$10.00
Pin Change$5.00
Daily Limits
    ATM Withdrawal$500
    POS Purchase$1,500
ATM Cash Withdrawal
    NAB & MoneypassFREE
    All Other ATMs$2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry & Transfers
    NAB & Moneypass ATMsFREE
    All Other ATMs$1.50
Cash Advancement at non-NAB banks$3.00
Foreign Currency Conversion Based upon amount
    Amount of transaction3.00%

Research & Reconciliation

Statement Copy$4.00
Check/Item Copy per item$2.00
Research per hour (1 hour minimum)$30.00
    Check/Item Copy per item$2.00
Account Reconciliation
    First statementFREE
    Additional statements per hour$30.00

International Items

Foreigh Items Deposited each$1.50
Foreign Collection per item$50.00
Items Returned Unpaid each$15.00
SWIFT/Tracer fee$25.00

Safe Deposit (Browning Only)

Annual Box Fee
    Small   (Waived for Interest & Elder Checking and Premium Savings accts)$14.00
Key Deposit (for 2 keys)$25.00
Key Replacement per key$25.00
Drilling - minimum charge
Late Fee
    After 60 days$10.00
    After 90 days$15.00